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Scratch-Free Windshield Defrosting Agent

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Scratch-Free Windshield Defrosting Agent
No more scraping ice on windshield, expensive headlights and taillights!

Scratch-Free Windshield Defrosting Agent instantly melts thick ice on cars, eliminating damages on glass surfaces due to physical scraping.

Developed with concentrated high-performance formula with high methanol content, it delivers rapid frost & ice build-ups removal results.

It forms an invisible protective layer to prevent dangerous re-freeze. Stop endless scraping every morning!

  • POWERFUL DEFROST: Dissolve thick frost & ice build-ups for easy cleaning.

  • RAPID RESULT: Fast acting formula to melt ice in just seconds.

  • SCRAPE-FREE: Avoid scratches and damages on glass surface by mechanical scraping actions.
  • PROTECTIVE COATING: Form a clear layer of re-freeze protection.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply spray on and wipe away frost by windshield wipers.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Perfect to use on windshields, windows, metal and any glass surfaces.


  • Size: 30 ml (10 x 3 cm) / 120ml (16 x 4.7 cm)


  • 1 x (30/120 ml) x Scratch-Free Windshield Defrosting Agent

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