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Portable Hair Remover

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Portable Hair Remover

The portable mini electric hair trimmer is designed for shaving body hair like in the eyebrow, ear, arms, legs, armpit, and redundant facial hair. The design of the product promotes safe shaving that features no pulling and does not cause coarse pore. The portable electric hair trimmer is compact and lightweight which means it is easy to use and carry around wherever and whenever you need it. It is also easy to clean because you only need to brush the coils with a small soft brush.

-Easy, fast, and safe removal of excess hair all over the body.
-No pulling and plucking and will not cause coarse pore or rough skin.
-Painless and makes no damage to the skin or sweat gland.
-Can be carried anywhere and usable whenever needed.
-Great for shaving legs, face, underarms, and other body areas.
-Smooth finish and gentle on the most sensitive skin.
-Can be used either on dry or wet skin.
-Can easily rinse the product clean under the shower or tapç
-Rechargeable shaver with maximum portability.
-Can be used with soap or shaving cream lathered on the skin for more comfortable use and better effect.
-Can be controlled easily with pinpoint precision in any direction, unlike manual epilator.
-Easily and safely removes even the shortest, tiniest hair in the body.

1. Take out the cap, and make sure the blade is not damaged or out of shape.
2. Push the switch to “on” position.
3. Place the appliance against your skin, and move it gently and slowly by circle.
4. If you finish using the appliance, put on the cap, then push the switch to “off” position.

1. Keep the product away from children.
2. Do not use when damaged.
3. Do not let water leak into the charge unit.
4. Do not use the device on open wounds, cuts, sunburn, or blisters.
5. Rotate the battery cover in the left direction of the arrow on the battery compartment and open the battery compartment, and then add a 2AA battery (not included.)
6. Remove the battery before washing the device.


● Size: 11.5x2.5cm (Length * Width)
● Product Category: hair remover
● Application: Face, Bikini, Axillary, Body
● Power type: Battery

-1 x Portable Hair Remover
-1 x Manual

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